You’ve reached the homepage of Russ Haywood, luthier at Feel free to browse this website and appreciate some of the lovely handcrafted instruments that have emerged from the workshop in Russ’s garden on the sunny south coast. Russ makes acoustic, acoustic-electric and purely electric instruments, and you can find pictures, prices and sound samples of these instruments in action.

‘Some 18 months ago I started looking for the Holy Grail of guitars. I have spent hours researching on the internet, reading articles and looking on loads of websites, both retail and manufacturer. I thought I wanted this guitar or that guitar so I went to London three times trying Martin, Collins, Santa Cruz, Lowden etc. I thought I would never find what I was looking for but then I visited your workshop less than 2 miles from my front door, and the thing that all musicians told me would happen, happened. The guitar you built for me is stunning, a musical masterpiece, head and shoulders above everything else I’ve tried!’ – J. BUSBRIDGE

‘I’ve got four Haywood instruments. I gig & record with them continually. I have spent the last 18 years retailing guitars & I can honestly say these are some of the finest instruments I’ve ever played – buy one now even if you don’t play!’ – ROGER FLACK, musician, bandleader and composer

‘Haywood guitars are born sounding loud, full, balanced and clear, with a tone to die for. Then as they age, they get better! Stupendous!’ – ANDREW WALKER, guitarist and songwriter

‘The guitar you have just completed for one of my students sounds better than both my early model Lowden and my Martin D28! I’m amazed – it’s only a few weeks since it was completed. I can’t think of an instrument that plays better than this one! I intend to own one as soon as possible!’ – RUSSELL CRUSE, guitar teacher

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